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untitled on Flickr.
Zion, haha
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Gemma Ward by Patrick Demarchelier in “Bollywood Dreams” for Vogue India October 2007
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Women enjoy the benefits of a heated whirlpool in Saint Petersburg, Florida, 1973.Photograph by Jonathan Blair, National Geographic
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Karen Inderbitzen-Waller - Deadly Ponies, 2011
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…we’ve talked to you all about the ancient Egyptian idea of maat, which dealt with conceptions of balance, order, and truth…and as with all the stories we tell, they come from a place of celebration, a love of beauty, and a simplistic honesty…
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Unkown photographer, courtesy of Getty ImagesGroup of Boys Fighting in a Heap, circa 1950
Popular for its use on 3 Doors Down’s Duck and Run single cover
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Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s.
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Kangaroos propel themselves with powerful hind legs. Australia, December 1926.Photograph by Wide World Photos Inc.